WAN Infrastructure & Implementing

A Cisco CCNA syllabus one can understand difference between devices & protocols used & difference betweeen Devices, ports & protocols. VLAN, Routing, Redundancy, IPV4 & IPV6. Along with some added course like SNMP & application discussion on real secenrio.


Sr. No. Syllabus
1 Details to WAN ports, protocols & IP addressing ,subnetting ,types connecters & Cables OSI Layers .
2 Anatomy of Routers ,Layer 2 & Layer 3 Switch & Addon Cards on routers .
3 Types of Routing types of Static routing , Types of dynamic routing methods ,Dynamic Routing ,Split Horizon , route poisoning .
4 Circuit switching, packet switching, frame relay, circuit switching
5 network security, Access rules & managing network using SNMP versions & Graphical Application usage.
6 introduction to HSRP , VRRP, GLBP & wireless network
7 implementing network on industrial network secenraio

Total Duration

Total Duration Eligible Criteria Theory Practical Industrial Training
Total Duration 45 days 60 hrs Eligible candidates any degree holder or senior secondary pass out theory Course duration 30 hrs practical Session 30 hrs Optional

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