WAN Administrator

A Cisco CCNA + CCNP+ MPLS syllabus,one can understand difference between devices & protocols used & difference betweeen Devices, ports & protocols. VLAN, Routing, Redundancy, IPV4 & IPV6. Along with some added course like SNMP & application discussion on real secenrio hands on UTM.


Sr. No. Syllabus
1 Details to WAN ports, protocols & IP addressing ,subnetting ,types connecters & Cables OSI Layers .
2 Anatomy of Routers ,Layer 2 & Layer 3 Switch & Addon Cards on routers .
3 Types of Routing types of Static routing , Types of dynamic routing methods ,Dynamic Routing ,Split Horizon , route poisoning .
4 Circuit switching, packet switching, frame relay, circuit switching
5 network security, Access rules & managing network using SNMP versions & Graphical Application usage.
6 introduction to HSRP , VRRP, GLBP & wireless network
7 understanding Security levels on [mac layer, routing layer & application layer]
8 understanding MPLS
9 difference between utm & firewall , types of firewall & utm (intro)
10 implementing security on devices
11 implementing network on industrial network secenraio

Total Duration

Total Duration Eligible Criteria Theory Practical Industrial Training
Total Duration 5 months Eligible candidates any degree holder or senior secondary pass out theory Course duration 100 hrs practical Session 200 hrs Optional

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