DATA Center Implementing & Management

A Course completes WAD & NIL Course one can understand difference between devices & protocols used & difference betweeen Devices, ports & protocols. VLAN, Routing, Redundancy, IPV4 & IPV6, Along with some added course like SNMP & application discussion on real secenrio. DATA Center covers details abouts hardware servers used in data center & storage devices & structured cabling.


Sr. No. Syllabus
1 Entire course of netpro syllabus
2 Virtualisation vmware, Hyperv,ESX
3 understanding Storage types & configure (minimum 3 devices)
4 Hardware of servers , Blade enclousures . Management & assembling
5 Network management software (minimum 3 servers)
6 Mailservers multiple serves (minimum 3 servers)
7 desigining a datacenter

Total Duration

Total Duration Eligible Criteria Theory Practical Industrial Training
Total Duration 12 months 732 hrs Eligible candidates any degree holder or senior secondary pass out theory Course duration 366 hrs practical Session 366 hrs Optional

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