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Green Ethernet is the research, development and training wing of PROMPT AUTOMATION global solution provider is a team of system integrator having experience of projects like gas pipe line, water pipeline, surveillance etc. We cater to the training needs of various corporate in India as well as around the world. Our training programs vary in content, duration & course fees. We are specialist in offering you tailor made training packages. So whether you are looking for trainings that are in-plant or at our center, for a group or individuals, we are a one-stop solution for all the training needs of professionals.

The faculty of Green ethernet imparting world-class Industrial automation and process control training to the students of the training facility. We are proud to host an array of engineers and industry experts who put in their ideas and instincts to develop new technology, which is crucial for any player to stay on top of the game. We are focused on developing and constantly re-innovating indigenous technology which is more adaptable to the Indian customer needs and which is also more economically viable.

Green Ethernet aims at developing and providing services and tools to address the aspects of early process design, process engineering and implementation from a purely engineering perspective. The economical aspects of control systems have high focus, as does the provisioning of the customer with improved knowledge and decision support tools. More importantly, your company need not spend on travel, accommodation etc for several employees. Instead invite us for an on-site training and bear the expenses of simply the trainer and our reasonable training charges or choose online training option.


  • Industrial Training
  • Complete hands on Professional environment
  • Training from qualified & highly experienced tutors
  • Online support & classes
  • E-library & Download
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